Professional Baldwin Park Drain Clearing

If you come from a family that eats a lot of Mexican food, our Baldwin drain clearing team clears jammed and clogged garbage disposalsyou've probably had the misfortune of a backed up kitchen sink. Our Baldwin Park drain clearing team suggests performing routine maintenance on your drains to prevent these clogs from forming. Because the main causes of drain clogs are cooking grease, human hair and non soluble objects entering the drain system there are a few things that can be done to help prevent them. Here's
Never pour grease down the kitchen drain.

This can be a tough sell for those of you who rinse your taco residue down the drain before putting your plate in the sink. You should be scraping off as much of it as possible into the trashcan first. When the grease is run down the sink it cools down.  The grease will stick to the inside walls of your drain pipes and start building up a clog.

The first sign that your drain is we are professional Baldwin Park drain clearing expertsstarting to clog with be reduced drainage. It will take much longer for a full sink to drain. There are commercial cleaners that can be poured directly into a slow drain to open them up, but they are a temporary fix and don't often clear the clog entirely.

If you do accidentally pour grease down the drain, run cold water behind it. This will cause the grease to coagulate quickly and form spherical balls that won't stick to your pipes as easily.

Place catches or strainers over all of the tub drains in the house. This will help prevent hair from going down the drain and tangling up around the plug. It will also prevent hair from catching on imperfections on the interior piping. Once hair is caught it will begin to grab soap residue, dirt and other debris that is washed off during a shower. This build-up can cause slow running drains that are hard to clear. Usually a professional Baldwin Park drain clearing tech will have to be called to clear a tub clog.

Don't Worry Our Baldwin Park Drain Clearing Techs Have Seen It All

Clogs can also be clogged by items that shouldn't be placed down our drain clearing experts clear toilet clogsa drain. This usually happens when a child decides to take a toy for a ride in the toilet. The only good way to stop this from happening is to teach your children that the toilet is not a toy, and you'll probably still have to call in a plumber to retrieve a toy at some time or another.

Tree roots can also cause major clogging in your main line. If you are seeing a rash of slow running drains throughout your home, the main line is probably clogged. Tree roots can be removed by a Baldwin Park plumbing contractor with a power auger or hydro jet. There are commercially available chemical cleaners but they are often hazardous to use and hard on the city water treatment system. It is best to avoid them if possible.